Tuesday, May 29, 2018


Israel Air Force strikes Hamas, Islamic Jihad in Gaza after 28-rocket/mortar volley The IDF retaliated on Tuesday, May 29, for a major Palestinian mortar assault on dozens of Israeli communities within range of the Gaza Strip some hours earlier.

Israeli, Russian defense chiefs to meet Thursday in Moscow. Netanyahu: Iran must leave ALL Syria PM Netanyahu said on May 28 Iran must quit all parts of Syria, qualifying Lavrov's comment that only Syrian forces should stay on Israel's border.

Report: Israel, Iran engage in indirect negotiations over Syria fighting The report said a Jordanian mediator carried messages between the sides.

Israel, Russia agree to boot Iran and Hezbollah from Northern border The report says Jerusalem and Moscow agreed to allow Israel to maintain its ability to act against Iran's expansion in Syria.

Explosive-Laden Gazan Drone Found in Southern Israel The army says the drone was recovered whole after being located in the Shaar HaNegev Regional Council.

Half of Syria's Air Defenses Destroyed by Israel in Recent Months Some 50 percent of air-defense batteries belonging to the regime of Syrian President Bashar Assad have been destroyed after they fired on Israel Air Force jets in recent months during multiple operations, a senior air-force source said on Wednesday.

Thou Shall Not Kill. Period. The so called "demonstrations" on the Israel-Gaza border are another form of military tactic used in the overall Palestinian war against Israel.

IDF Strikes Islamic Jihad Targets in Gaza after Multiple Mortar Barrages Israel has been the target of four mortar barrages so far on Tuesday from militants in the Gaza Strip.

Netanyahu: Israel Will Respond 'With Great Force' to Mortar Attacks Netanyahu said that Jerusalem views with gravity the attacks that he attributed to Hamas and Islamic Jihad.

Netanyahu to Meet European Leaders Over Fate of Iran Nuclear Deal Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is scheduled to meet German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Berlin and French President Emmanuel Macron in Paris next week.

Israel's Syria operations against Iran and Hizballah goes into next stage Israel is broadening the scope of its war on Iran and Hizballah in Syria to additional regions and even possibly outside its boundaries.