Friday, October 18, 2019


Why Trump's withdrawal from Syria has Israel on edge "America First" is not exactly a subtle slogan, and Israeli officials were well aware of President Donald Trump's isolationist streak."

Is Putin the new king of the Middle East? Pat Buchanan: Russia's influence in Syria does not imperil the United States.

Ukraine Peace Talks Get Some Help From Putin Russia is letting Zelenskiy lay out "red lines" to convince voters he can compromise without capitulating.

Clueless Democrats Don't Realize NATO Can't Lose Turkey During the Oct. 15 debate among Democratic presidential candidates, neither they nor the liberal mainstream media showed any awareness of a massive Russian nuclear forces exercise then ongoing, rehearsing World War III.

Turkey Agrees to Temporary Ceasefire in Syria Turkey agreed on Thursday to a temporary ceasefire in northern Syria, where it has moved its forces in against the Kurds, who are still reeling from what they say is a betrayal by the United States after U.S. President Donald Trump abruptly withdrew military forces last week from the area.

'I Am Israel' film highlights land, people of the Bible: 'Best proof God exists' A new documentary, that has been viewed by the Knesset in Jerusalem and over 7,000 Jewish and Christian congregations worldwide, follows the journey -- triumphs and challenges -- of several families living out the biblical prophecy in the "modern-day miracle" that is Israel, a story thousands of years in the making.

U.S. Peace Team to Visit Israel by end of Month From Jerusalem, the team will continue to Riyadh to participate in an economic conference.

UK: Last Call for Boris Johnson's Brexit Bus Having put everything on the line by staking his reputation and premiership in defiance of his detractors' shameless cynicism, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson seems to be energised by the new Brexit deal.

EU enlargement plans stall after opposition from Emmanuel Macron EU enlargement plans were left stalled on Friday morning after Emmanuel Macron led opposition to opening accession talks with two new potential member states.

Decline of Christianity in America continuing at rapid pace, poll finds New Pew survey finds self-identified US Christians dropped 12% in a decade, as number of those claiming no religious affiliation surged.