Friday, April 01, 2016


France warns world: Be ready to fight in Libya  French FM warns world must be prepared for military involvement, as militias oppose newly arrived UN-backed unity government head. 

Russia denies it agreed to dethrone Assad  Kremlin spokesperson denies Russia agreed with US to exile Assad, despite his curiously timed elections announcement. 

Hamas: Netanyahu is a 'liar'  Hamas brands Israeli Prime Minister a 'liar', says there are no talks with Israel regarding the release of four Israelis being held in Gaza. 

Fatah: The land is at the heart of the conflict  PA chairman's movement encourages a "popular struggle" against Israel in statement marking Land Day. 

Pentagon Confirms New North Korean ICBM  North Korea has developed a new long-range mobile intercontinental ballistic missile that the Pentagon says moves the country's leader Kim Jong Un closer to the goal of building missiles capable of striking the U.S. mainland with nuclear warheads. 

Europe's Muslims hate the West  The first reaction to the Brussels massacres among postmodern European intellectuals was predictable: What did we, Europeans, do to them, our Muslims? How could followers of a religion that is proudly called 'the religion of peace' commit these kinds of atrocities? 

North Korea nuclear tests: US and China to co-operate  China and the United States will work together to try to prevent further missile tests by North Korea, US President Barack Obama says. 

Saudi Arabia Plans $2 Trillion Megafund for Post-Oil Era: Deputy Crown Prince  Saudi Arabia is getting ready for the twilight of the oil age by creating the world's largest sovereign wealth fund for the kingdom's most prized assets. 

Palestinians: 1,114 'settlers' on Temple Mount last month  Palestinian report gives count of Jews who 'breached' the holiest site in Judaism, accusing them of 'Talmudist prayers.' 

Is there a solution to Europe's wave of terrorism?  Op-ed: News commentators claimed this terror attack did not surprise the Europeans, which begs the question: If this is how they handle an expected attack, how are they going to handle an attack that catches them by surprise?