Friday, February 07, 2020


Iraq considers deepening military ties with Russia A statement from Iraq's Defense Ministry says Iraq and Russia are discussing prospects for deepening military coordination.

Exclusive i24NEWS poll: Israelis split over Trump peace plan, annexation Only 35% are willing to adopt Trump peace plan in entirety, with another 31% saying no.

Palestinians: Arab Leaders Talking to Israel Are 'Traitors, Jews' Why is it permissible for Egypt's Abdel Fattah Sisi and Jordan's King Abdullah to have diplomatic relations with Israel, and not permissible for the leader of Sudan to sit with the Israeli prime minister?

Egypt stays out of renewed Israel-Gaza escalations A series of military skirmishes broke out between Israel and the Gaza Strip this past week, the latest taking place Feb. 5 at dawn. Israeli aircraft launched raids on a Hamas position in the southern Gaza Strip after the Israeli army said three rockets were launched from the enclave toward Israel.

5 Places Where World War III Could Start in 2020 As the United States enters an election year, prospects for global stability remain uncertain.

Our Arab neighbors have always rejected any kind of so-called peace plans Our rights to our land should not and will not be contingent in any way shape or form as to whether we agree to the creation of another enemy state.

Amid arms race, Macron offers Europe French nuclear wargames insight President Emmanuel Macron on Friday offered to open a "strategic dialogue" with willing European partners about the role of French nuclear deterrence policy in continental security, calling for a "surge" in European defense spending and resolve.

Political Tensions Boil Over Rights To Mediterranean Natural Gas Bonanza While the eyes of the world have been on the impeachment of President Trump, Brexit, the coronavirus and the new American peace plan for Israel and the Palestinians, the seeds for the next war perhaps are being sown in the Eastern Mediterranean.

Pete Buttigieg Again Claims Bible Says Babies Can be Aborted "Up to Their First Breath" Democrat presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg insisted again this week that he can be a Christian and support abortion on demand.

What does the Deal of the Century mean to the eternal people? Israel, free at last from Pharaoh's reign of terror, passes through the Sea of Reeds, and on the other side, sees itself, for the first time, as a people with a destiny.