Tuesday, February 18, 2020


Back from the dead ISIS is bigger now than when it took over Iraq and Syria and it's making a comeback  As the world has been celebrating the fall of ISIS, the terror group is reported to be making a comeback.

The Future of the Middle East Looks Just Like This The Middle East is not on the precipice of a great regional war. The future is more likely to look like Lebanon: fractured and constantly in turmoil.

As Trump Gives Up on 'Endless Wars,' Russia, China, and Iran Move In Two decades of expanding operations against what United States Special Operations Command called a "global insurgency of state and non-state actors" has led to fatigue at home and questions abroad about U.S. strategy.

Turkey tells Russia that Syrian forces in rebel bastion must pull back Turkey told Russia on Tuesday that its military was now ready to make sure that Russian-backed Syrian forces pull out from the last rebel bastion in northwest Syria as the two sides met for talks in Moscow.

Jerusalem: Jordan condemns Israeli Western Wall railway plan Jordan has condemned a decision by Israel to advance a plan to build a railway line and station underneath the heart of Jerusalem's Old City.

Former MK Yehudah Glick detained on Temple Mount "It would be better for the State of Israel to take steps against incitement and violence rather than against peaceful Jews who are only seeking to fulfill God's commandments."

Bennett: We can see 'first signs' of Iran reevaluating course in Syria Israel's DM calls Tehran to 'get out of Syria' as Jewish state moves from defensive to offensive strategy.

Islamists' Response to Peace Plan When Hizb-ut-Tahrir says that negotiations and a peace process with Israel are acts of treason, their words are pointed straight at Abbas and the PA leadership.

Caroline Glick: Expanding settlement construction now will pay dividends later The United Nations Human Rights Council's release on Wednesday of its blacklist of companies with financial ties and business relations with Israeli Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria is a reminder of Israel's vulnerability and the vulnerability of Jews worldwide.

Melanie Phillips: Liberal churches condemn Israel as radical Islam assaults Christianity Some churches dump on the Jewish state, the only country in the Middle East where Christians are safe, thereby ignoring the dire threat Israel's enemies pose to the church itself.