Wednesday, July 21, 2010


* PA still inciting hatred When proximity talks started in May, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas declared that the PA would fulfill its commitments.

* No missile system to Iran Israel reacted positively on Tuesday to Moscow’s announcement that it will not deliver S-300 surface-to-air missile defense systems to Iran.

* Clinton and Gates visit Korean Demilitarized Zone Mr Gates said they wanted to show solidarity with their allies in Seoul.

* MK Danon on Temple Mount: Stop Anti-Jewish Discrimination MK Danny Danon (Likud) toured the Temple Mount Tuesday in a visit timed for Tisha B'Av, 1940.

* U.S. Navy Successfully Uses Laser to Shoot Down Drones The U.S. Navy has used a a laser weapon to shoot down four unmanned aerial vehicles in a test that rings up memories of Ronald Reagan's "Star Wars" missile defense shield in the 1980s.

* Peres Center Researchers for PA Control in Jordan Valley Several months ago INN reported a request submitted by the Palestinian Authority to receive an Israeli permit to build a tourist project on the shores of the Dead Sea.

* Air Canada Embarrassed Following Security Breach A recently posted YouTube video has left some Canadians feeling puzzled regarding airport security procedures.

* Netanyahu: I'm willing to take political risks for peace Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has told the European Union's foreign policy chief that he is ready to take a political risk to reach an agreement with the Palestinians.

* Astronomers detect 'monster star' One of the objects, known simply as R136a1, is the most massive ever found.

* Iran and Saudi Arabia Closing in on Cooperation Shiite Iran and Wahhabi Saudi Arabia, historically not on the best of terms, are making overtures towards each other.