Thursday, September 13, 2012


* Israeli Arab Official Warns Of 'Armageddon' Over Anti-Islam Film Israeli Arabs protest outside the U.S. Embassy in Tel Aviv Thursday following the attacks on U.S. compounds in Libya, Egypt and Yemen.

* Anti-Islam film protests spread across Middle East Protests against an anti-Islam film made in the US are spreading across the Middle East and North Africa.

* Iraqi militia threatens U.S. interests over film An Iraqi militia that carried out some of the most prominent attacks on foreigners during the Iraq war on Thursday threatened U.S. interests in the country over a film that has triggered protests in Libya, Egypt and Yemen.

* Israel hints it will keep pressing US on Iran Israel's leader suggested in an interview Thursday that he'll keep publicly pressing the United States to get tougher on Iran.

* After attack, Obama says Egypt neither friend nor foe The United States does not consider Egypt's Islamist-led government an ally or an enemy.

* Film at heart of Libya attack may be fake Details casting doubt on the authenticity of the controversial film Innocence of Muslims, which sparked protests in Cairo and spurred the Libya attack that killed US Ambassador Christopher Stevens, mounted on Wednesday.

* Barroso envisages 'federation of nation states' European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso used his third annual state of the union speech on Wednesday (12 September) to call for a "federation of nation states."

* New monkey species identified in Democratic Republic of Congo A new species of monkey has been identified in Africa, only the second time such a discovery has been made on the continent in 28 years.

* Does the West Nile outbreak signal an epidemic of viral epidemics? Yes and no. We are swimming in a sea of viruses. A hundred times smaller than bacteria.

* US says Iran 'demolishing' facility at Parchin site A US envoy accused Iran on Thursday of "systematically demolishing" a facility at the Parchin military site.