Monday, April 23, 2012


* Israel’s ‘right’ to hit Iran goes viral YouTube clips, viewed by over 2 million people, compare Iranian threat to the Holocaust

* Syrian security forces 'shell city of Hama' Shells fired by Syrian security forces have killed at least 20 people in the central city of Hama, activists say.

* Lieberman Warns Netanyahu Egypt More Dangerous than Iran Foreign Minister Lieberman has warned Prime Minister Netanyahu that Egypt presents more of a security danger than Iran.

* Egypt’s military leader responds to Lieberman with threat of violence Cairo seeks clarification after foreign minister reportedly branded Egypt more dangerous than Iran

* Army chief: IDF prepared for Iran strike IDF ready to attack Tehran’s nuclear facilities if needed, Chief of Staff Benny Gantz says; military constantly engaged in covert, high-risk operations beyond Israel’s borders, he says

* Iran: We reverse-engineered downed U.S. drone, making copy Comment by chief of the Revolutionary Guards' aerospace division comes after Iran official claims Tehran received requests from Russia, China for info on the RQ-170 Sentinel.

* North Korea vows 'unprecedented' action against South North Korea has warned of "unprecedented" action against South Korea's ruling establishment, amid tough rhetoric between the two sides.

* Pentagon releases results of 13,000-mph test flight over Pacific The results are in from last summer’s attempt to test new technology that would provide the Pentagon with a lightning-fast vehicle, capable of delivering a military strike anywhere in the world in less than an hour.

* Sudan Muslims Torch Catholic Church in Khartoum Sudanese Muslims torched a Catholic church in Khartoum, part of clashes between Sudan and South Sudan over control of an oil town.

* Turkey says Israel not welcome at NATO summit Turkish official says Ankara still seeking an official apology and compensation for the victims of the 'Mavi Marmara' raid.