Monday, February 01, 2021


 Blinken: Iran could be weeks away from enough nuclear material for bomb Blinken said that the administration would consider new sanctions against North Korea as well as other possible actions against Russia.

Gantz: Israel will take military action against nuclear Iran if needed Defense minister tells Egyptian TV any future war would involve Hezbollah and Hamas targeting Israeli cities, and Israel in turn hitting missile stores in civilian areas.

Report: Biden Refuses to Speak with Netanyahu Though the new administration in the newly inaugurated US president has spoken with the Israeli Prime Minister, communication has been notably lacking, hinting at a challenging future for Israel.

Is peace between Iran and Israel inevitable? The US should be ready to provide the bridge between these two great peoples and lead the Middle East into a new Cyrus Accords-like era.

Pollak: Biden Risks Putting the Middle East Back on a Path to War Presidents like to say that their predecessors left them a mess. Yet in Middle East policy, President Donald Trump left his successor an extraordinary gift of peace and stability.

Will Biden increase Palestinian rigidity, pushing them even further into the abyss? The Palestinian Authority has clearly begun to test President Biden’s toughness, to see if he will stand up about Jerusalem as the indivisible capital of Israel, as did his predecessor, President Donald Trump.

China Doesn't Have to Lift a Finger to Push Biden Around The Biden administration has just endorsed one of China's most vicious attack lines against the United States.

Charles Hurt: As Biden Proclaims ‘Strategic Patience,’ China Is on the March President Biden has been part of the problem in Washington for a half-century. Yet, apparently, he just discovered China.

Europeans created Zionism “to get rid of the Jewish problem in its ‎lands” – op-ed in official PA daily One of the fundamental tenets of Palestinian Authority ideology is that the ‎Zionist movement was not an authentic Jewish movement but rather a ‎colonialist movement that took advantage of the Jews.

The Lancet Slams Honduras Abortion Ban as ‘Draconian’ Law' The pro-abortion UK Lancet medical journal has expressed outrage over constitutional reform in Honduras protecting the lives of unborn children.