Tuesday, March 23, 2021


 Biden Torpedoes Abraham Accords Summit Media reports on March 18 revealed that the United Arab Emirates has suspended its plans for an Abraham Accords summit in Abu Dhabi with Israel, the United States, and other Arab signatories to the historic peace agreements brokered by the Donald Trump administration.

The Biden Administration Will Push to Squeeze Israel Within 1949 Armistice Lines The Biden Administration intends to squeeze Israel back within the 1949 Armistice Lines.

Israel Elections: How is Iran's regime responding? The overall picture of Iran’s disinterest in Israel’s elections is that Tehran has no real policy toward the Jewish state.

What are the economic challenges facing Israel's next government? The coronavirus pandemic has wreaked havoc on some sectors, while several underlying issues, once covered up and ignored, have risen to the forefront.

For First Time in Israel: Two Public Priestly Blessing on Passover One of the most impressive gatherings of the year is the Birkat Kohanim, the twice-annual priestly blessing held on the second intermediate days of Passover and Sukkoth when some 40,000 Jews come to the Kotel (Western Wall) in Jerusalem to be blessed by hundreds of Kohanim (the descendants of Aaron the priest).

China, Russia officials meet in show of unity against EU, US The foreign ministers of China and Russia have displayed unity amid criticism and new Western sanctions against them over human rights.

Moscow now has ‘no relations’ with EU because Brussels has ‘destroyed’ once friendly ties, Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov claims Months of political tension and a wave of new sanctions have severed all links between the EU and Russia, Moscow’s top diplomat has said, adding that his country is ready to resume cooperation if Brussels decides it is interested.

Opinion: As Merkel exits the political stage, who will speak for a united Europe? This is the year that we will no longer have Angela Merkel on the world stage. Back in 2018, she announced that she would step down this fall, after serving as the chancellor of Germany for 15 years.

EU chiefs urge Turkey's Erdogan to ease strained ties with bloc In a video call, EU leaders spoke of the importance of "de-escalation" and "confidence-building" following frosty relations with Ankara over Syrian refugees and energy exploration rights.

Woke Church of Sweden Theologian: Christians Can View Mohammed as a Prophet Top Church of Sweden theologian Jakob Wirén has claimed that Christians could view Islam’s Mohammed as a prophet.