Wednesday, June 17, 2020


STRATEGY OF NATIONAL DIVISION by Bob Maginnis America is suffering an epidemic of division which threatens to radically alter this country. The source of that division is more than meets the eye and so is the solution.

Iran still works to obtain weapons of mass destruction tech – German intel Iran, along with Pakistan, North Korea and Syria, aims to complete and improve existing arsenals and develop new weapons through illegal procurement efforts in Germany.

PMW alleges Palestinian Authority submitted 'falsified documents' to International Criminal Court PA President Abbas did not present ICC with the same version of the speech that he previously gave in Arabic.

Putin Stopped Obama from Destroying Israel new Report Reveals It has recently come to light that a plot to potentially destroy Israel at the UN Security Council was upended by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Travesty of Justice at the International Criminal Court? Prosecutor Bensouda Should Be Disqualified. The Prosecutor's Response seems to create new international law where non-binding resolutions can change legally binding agreements in order to prosecute Israeli leaders and Israeli Jews for war crimes.

Minister: Israel could see 90,000 new immigrants by the end of 2021 'This must be a national priority,' Immigration Minister Pnina Tamano-Shata said.

Turkey’s ‘Blue Homeland’ doctrine takes shape in Libya Erdogan's adventurism could precipitate a deeper conflict and crisis in the Mediterranean region, extending north toward Greece.

NATO must deal with, not ignore Turkish problem: French official NATO must not bury its head in the sand with regard to Turkey’s recent behaviour towards its allies, a French defence ministry official said on Wednesday, accusing the Turkish navy of harassing a French warship on a NATO mission.

Turkey in military action on three Mid-East fronts, now adds Yemen Turkey is boosting its military intervention in Mid-East conflicts to gain a hand in determining – and cashing in on – their outcome.

As America's rioters erase its past, Israel resurrects its 3000 year-old history Trashing America’s past is violent and unlawful but Israel’s elected Government is lawfully reinstating the Jewish People’s past. Op-ed.

Report: China Added 30 Nuclear Warheads to Its Arsenal in 2019 China added 30 warheads to its nuclear arsenal in the past year, making it one of six countries in the world to increase its stockpile since 2019, a report by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) revealed on Monday.