Monday, July 29, 2019


Israel's Foreign Minister to Announce Plan for all World Embassies to Move to Jerusalem The Israeli government is preparing an official initiative, including an incentive package, to encourage countries to relocate their embassies to Jerusalem.

Ahead of Kushner visit to Mideast, Jordan, Egypt leaders meet for Israeli-Palestinian peace talks President Sisi and King Abdullah reaffirmed their support for a two-state solution, Egypt says.

Turkey's Erdogan: Whoever is on Israel's side, we are against them Erdogan made the comments as he addressed senior provincial officials from the ruling AKP party in Ankara.

'We won't accept Palestinian city adjacent to settlements' Binyamin Council head reports for time being work halted in new PA city adjacent to Shilo Bloc. Inquiries ongoing with security officials.

EXCLUSIVE: Palestinians Are Greater Threat to Jewish State Than Iran, Expert Says The Palestinians pose a "greater existential threat to the Jewish state of Israel than Iran and Syria," the director of a Philadelphia-based think tank told Breitbart in a wide-ranging interview on the heels of a new poll that shows the overwhelming majority of Israelis (78%) do not see an end to the conflict in sight.

How the Oil from Your Olive Tree can be Used in the 3rd Temple What if I told you that oil from the olive tree that you plant in Israel, will be used as the anointing oil in the Third Temple?

Boris Johnson Reviving Britain's Standing on the World Stage Mr Johnson's determination to help Britain reclaim its status as a leading world power after the drift of the May years is reflected in the stature of his appointments, especially regarding Britain's engagement with the outside world.

Barreling Toward a Nuclear and Ballistic Missile Arms Race in the Middle East The Middle East is barreling toward a nuclear and ballistic missile arms race.

Today's Crusade Against Jerusalem is Being Fought by This Small Group of Heroes This might come to you as a surprise, but here it goes: The Crusader conquest of Jerusalem of 1099 has never really gone away.

Second Israeli attack on Iranian targets in E. Iraq reported by Iraqi sources A second Israeli attack in 10 days on Iranian Guards' and Iraqi militia forces in eastern Iraq was claimed on Sunday, July 28 by Iraqi military sources.