Thursday, June 04, 2020


‘America has Officially Entered a Civil War it won’t Recover from’ Hidden Rabbis Warn All of the US is in shock as rioting continues into the eighth straight day all around the country.

After New York New York City is the largest urban area in the US. It has the biggest economy and is the nation’s financial and cultural center.

58% of Israelis Believe West Bank Annexation Could Lead to a 3rd Palestinian Uprising, Survey Finds Half of the Israeli public supports applying Israeli sovereignty over parts of the West Bank, a new survey found, while 58 percent of respondents believe unilateral annexation by Israel could lead to a third Palestinian intifada.

Can PM Netanyahu move on sovereignty without the Trump peace plan? “The prime minister reiterates that he is committed to conducting negotiations on the basis of the Trump plan, and at the same time will continue with his sovereignty plan.”

The Spread of the Debt Virus The current U.S. budget deficit could soon exceed a record $4 trillion. The massive borrowing is being driven both by prior budget profligacy and a hurried effort by the Donald Trump administration to pump liquidity into a quarantined America.

What Trump bringing in Russia to join G-7 means for Israel - analysis There is also often sensitive intelligence sharing at these meetings.These decisions and the intelligence sharing obviously impact the Middle East and often Israel.

As Middle East tensions mount, he may be the last one left with any shot at brokering peace Nickolay Mladenov might just be the last person left with any shot at advancing peace between Israelis and Palestinians.

PA children echo adults' terror values Don't be surprised that a Palestinian child who wants to praise the governor of Ramallah chooses to define her as "great" because she is like Dalal Mughrabi – a female mass murderer who together with other terrorists killed 12 children and 25 adults in 1978.

China ‘needs to win over Europe’ after loss of trust and impact of US rivalry European Union reluctant to pick a side in the US-China tussle, but has shown a toughening of its stance towards Beijing.

We Have The Technology: AI neural TTS/holograms at Microsoft Inspire New World Ai: What if neither distance nor language mattered? What if technology could help you be anywhere you need to be and speak any language? Using AI technology and holographic experiences this is possible, and it is revolutionary.