Monday, March 11, 2013


Unprecedented: Firebombs on Temple Mount Jewish Temple groups demand inquiry as videos show policeman's uniform alight after he was struck by a fire bomb.

Hamas attacks Islamic tourism to Jerusalem Gaza government slams Israeli, PA initiatives; calls on Arab League and clerics to bar religious pilgrimages to the city

An army of 10,000 Israeli police prepare for Obama visit Police Spokesman Micky Rosenfeld says thousands of police, in cooperation with Shin Bet, will take part in securing the three-day visit by US president in biggest security preparation since George Bush visited in 2008.

Rebels: Hizbullah training thousands in Bekaa Valley to turn tide in Syrian war Sunni rebels have asserted that the Iranian-sponsored Hizbullah was organizing another major military expedition in Syria.

Syrian Rebels Vow to Conquer Golan, Refugees Refuse Israeli Aid Syrian refugees might be desperate, injured and starving - but they won't accept Israeli aid, as rebels vow to reconquer the Golan Heights.

Minister: Expect Violence for Obama Visit Public Security Minister Aharonovich: "The Palestinians have not said the final word yet."

Europe still has 'sleeping war demons' Former Eurogroup chief Jean-Claude Juncker has warned of "sleeping war demons" in Europe and compared the current situation to the year before the outbreak of the first world war, when everybody took peace for granted.

Israel launches Obama visit app for Android, iOS Israel is busy getting ready for US President Barack Obama's visit later this month. That means lots of security arrangements and tackling other logistical issues...and launching an official iPhone and Android app.

'Obama is a Muslim, America is lucky to have him' Israel Today recently interviewed Palestinian doctor Jumana Odeh, who has won numerous awards internationally for her work with special needs children.

EU elections to be held in May next year EU countries have opted to change the date of the EU elections next year in order to increase turnout.