Thursday, November 15, 2012


* Booms heard in Tel Aviv area following warning siren Two booms were heard following an air raid siren in Tel Aviv Thursday evening, just an hour after a rocket from the Gaza Strip exploded in an open field outside of Rishon Lezion.

* IAF Leads Anti-Terror Operation, Releases Aerial Footage The IAF is targeting Gaza missiles and launchers as part of Operation Pillar of Defense.

* Egypt, Jordan, Turkey and Russia chorus condemnation of Israel's resort to force, US leads Western supporters On day two of Operation Pillar of Defense, Israel was getting strong support from several Western countries.

* Rocket Falls Near Tel Aviv, IDF Massing Armor Sirens sounded in Tel Aviv and residents were told to head for shelter Thursday evening.

* Hamas trying to restore shattered morale There were no signs whatsoever Thursday that Hamas was interested in a cease-fire with Israel at this stage.

* Blame game and biblical exegesis: World press reports on Operation Pillar of Defense Operation Pillar of Defense is making headlines around the world, with media outlets choosing to highlight different aspects of the conflict.

* Israel and Hamas compete for EU sympathy Both sides in the new Gaza conflict are competing for international sympathy as fighting escalates.

* Netanyahu: Picture of Bleeding Baby Says It All Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu issued a statement to the international media Thursday afternoon, in which he said Israel would continue to do its best to avoid civilian casualties on the enemy side.

* Israel's Ambassador to Egypt Left Cairo Israeli ambassador to Egypt, Yaakov Amitai, reportedly left Cairo on Wednesday night.

* China confirms leadership change Mr Xi led the new Politburo Standing Committee onto the stage at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing.