Saturday, July 30, 2011


* Mass protests staged again across Syria Troops fired live ammunition and tear gas at protesters, killing two people and wounding dozens.

* Turkish President Vows No Military Power Vacuum Turkish President Abdullah Gul says the resignation of Turkey's entire military command Friday will not cause a crisis.

* Ultraconservative Muslims dominate Egypt protest Tens of thousands of ultraconservative Muslims in long beards, robes and prayer caps thronged Cairo's central Tahrir Square in a massive show of force Friday.

* US review finds Iraq deadlier now than a year ago Frequent bombings, assassinations and a resurgence in violence by Shiite militias have made Iraq more dangerous now than it was just a year ago.

* Hamas leader: Palestinian UN bid a 'scam' Hamas has the Gaza Strip firmly under its control.

* The truth about the revolution in Syria A few weeks ago, a party was held in a house that overlooks the "shouting hill" outside the Golan Heights town of Majdal Shams.

* Assailants open fire on Egypt gas pipeline to Israel Egypt's gas pipeline to Israel was attacked Saturday, as witnesses said they heard heavy gunfire at the gas station that was destroyed in an attack earlier this month.

* World Affairs: Arab world asked to give as Africans starve The United Nations has a message for the Arab world: Give more aid to help famine victims in the Horn of Africa.

* Fort Hood 'plot' soldier Naser Abdo defiant in court Police arrested Pfc Naser Abdo in the town of Killeen, Texas, on Wednesday near the Fort Hood army base.

* Global Concern Over U.S. Debt Ceiling Disagreement While the debt debacle in Washington preoccupies America, it is causing jitters in power corridors from Beijing to Brussels.