Saturday, May 07, 2016


Israel prepares to remember 23,447 fallen since Zionism's inception  127 news names join Israel's fallen since 2015, 4,917 widows left behind, 1,948 orphans. Authorities predict more than a million people to visit 52 cemeteries. 

How Moqtada al-Sadr Could Take Down Iraq's Government  Supporters of the powerful Shia cleric stormed Baghdad's parliament, leaving legislators quivering in the basement and Iraq on the edge of political chaos. 

Elections: Labour's Sadiq Khan promises a 'better' London  Labour's Sadiq Khan has vowed to do all in his power to make London "better", as he was sworn in as the new mayor. 

US takes tougher tone on Israeli settlements in new report  Palestinian leaders will be chastised for failing to rein in violence, but main focus will be on surge of Jewish construction, legalization of outposts 

UN official spurns Netanyahu's Jerusalem history lesson offer  PM wants to educate all UN staffers in Israel after UNESCO ignored Jewish ties to Temple Mount; but Mideast coordinator says they know local history 'all too well'. 

Analysis: The Saudi conundrum  Riyadh is entering a new and uncertain era, generationally, economically and strategically. 

'UNESCO Temple Mount denial is worse than Holocaust denial'  Pro-Israel Christian groups head to UN to condemn UNESCO's resolution denying Jewish connection to Temple Mount. 

Israel and Hamas are one misdirected shell away from war  The IDF and Hamas are wrestling in a small area near the border fence, insisting they don't want all-out conflict but coming dangerously close to it.

The 2nd Holocaust - How we can prevent it  We are still masters of our fate; the choice is still in our hands. Let's not miss out again. 

Erdogan's road to a dictatorship now clear?  Turkey's Erdogan forces his Prime Minister to step down, after he opposed Erdogan's plans to seriously boost his presidency.