Wednesday, August 05, 2020


Mystery swirls around what caused ammonium nitrate to explode in Beirut Unconfirmed picture appears to show workers welding door of warehouse filled with chemical; report says authorities warned of dangers for years.

Crisis upon crisis: blast rocks a Lebanon already on its knees Lebanon has been crippled by a number of long-running, seemingly intractable crises for decades.

Nasrallah threatened to blow up Israel with same chemicals as Beirut blast Hezbollah also sought to import ammonium nitrate via Syria through influence in Lebanon’s agriculture ministry.

LIKE HAMAN: Hezbollah Chief Suffers From Evil Decree He Made Evil Against Israel On Tuesday afternoon, two huge explosions ripped through the port of Beirut at 6:07 local time, killing hundreds and wounding thousands more.

France’s President Macron Visiting Lebanon After Beirut Blast As Lebanon reeled in shock a day after the massive blast in Beirut and counted the dead, nations around the world promised it would not be alone.

Lebanon explosion raises fears of similar danger in Haifa ‘right next to our bedrooms,’ research center says “The incident in Lebanon illustrates the danger of a concentration of hazardous materials near a dense population,” said the Haifa Environmental Research Center.

Israel's Last Resort: What Could Make The Middle East Into A Sea Of Nuclear Fire? Israel’s nuclear arsenal is the worst-kept secret in international relations.

AK47s and rocks for kids promoted on PA TV A children’s program on official PA TV that commemorated the late cartoonist Naji Al-Ali showed a selection of his cartoons, several of which promoted violence to kids.

Australian Prime Minister: War Between America and China No Longer Inconceivable Australia’s Prime Minister Scott Morrison said on Wednesday his government held a less dramatic view of U.S.-China strategic tensions than a predecessor who warned of a potential “hot war” before U.S. presidential elections in November.

Habithonistim: 'Strong EU-Israel relationship critical for Israel's long-term security' Pro-Israel organization pens letter to European Union, emphasizing importance of Trump peace plan and strong EU-Israel relationship.