Thursday, May 07, 2020


In triumph for Netanyahu, 72 MKs endorse him as PM, paving way for new coalition After 16-month crisis, large Knesset majority - including rival-turned-ally Gantz - asks president to task Likud incumbent with setting up government; swearing-in set for May 13.

Gantz asks president to entrust Netanyahu with premiership The Netanyahu-Gantz coalition government is scheduled to be sworn in next Wednesday, May 13, as legislation goes through.

Russian group's 1,200 mercenaries fighting in Libya: UN report Report says private contractor Wagner Group deployed forces in specialised military tasks, including sniper teams.

Is Iran really leaving Syria? Earlier this week senior defense officials in Israel announced that after years of Israel's war-between-war campaign to drive Iran out of Syria, the Islamic Republic was finally withdrawing from the war-torn country.

Why Trump's Plan for Middle East Peace Will Fail The path to peace remains blocked by an obstacle that only the most wrenching - and, therefore, the most improbable - concession by one of the two parties to the conflict can remove: Israel's surrender of its identity as a Jewish state or the Palestinians' surrender of the right of return.

Bible breakthrough: How 3,000-year-old inscription proves existence of House of David KING DAVID's story is central to the Bible and the Jews' determination of their identity and roots - though difficult to prove, an expert claimed that one significant discovery in 1993 revealed how the House of David was indeed real.

New Iraq prime minister after five months of deadlock Iraq's parliament has approved a new government, ending months of deadlock as the country battles an economic crisis and the coronavirus pandemic.

Democracy At Risk In Central And Eastern Europe, Report Finds Democracy is weakening across Central and Eastern Europe as well as Eurasia amid the rise of Chinese and Russian influence, according to a new report by Freedom House, a nonprofit based in Washington, D.C.

Coronavirus: European Leaders Cower in the Face of China The equivocation of European leaders is a reflection not only of Europe's geopolitical weakness and economic overdependence on China, but also of a moral vacuum in which they refuse to stand up for Western values.

Netanyahu's Son Foretells End of EU: Europe will become 'Christian and Free' Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's eldest son, Yair, blasted the European Union on Tuesday for supporting a joint Israeli-Arab Memorial Day event.