Tuesday, December 08, 2020


 Iran president vows to help Syria confront Israel ‘until Golan liberated’ Rouhani says Tehran, Damascus share goal of battling ‘Zionist occupiers’; top official calls for international action against ‘bloodsucking, anti-human’ Zionist regime.

Iran: Foes of regime hoped Trump’s pressure could bring down Islamic Republic, ‘now our hope is gone’ The establishment media is hailing His Fraudulency Joe Biden’s plan to reinstate the disastrous Iran nuclear deal as the dawning of a new era of peace. Reality is exactly the opposite.

Russian envoy: Israel - not Iran - is the problem in the Middle East The ambassador claimed there's no proof Hezbollah created tunnels to attack Israel.

Terrorism: A Warning from Iran to Europe Now they [the Europeans] find themselves locked into what they know is a phoney and highly dangerous nuclear agreement that simply consigns confrontation with a nuclear-armed Iran to future generations.

Iran nuclear centrifuge plan 'deeply worrying' for Germany, France, UK The countries, known as the E3, expressed concern over Iran's plan to install advanced centrifuges at its main enrichment plant. They said the move runs contrary to the 2015 nuclear agreement.

While harping on the nuclear issue, Iran builds more precise missiles – and uses them Tehran is ratcheting up its nuclear upgrades to generate a crisis for pressuring the new Biden administration into a hasty deal “without revisions.”

Will the EU Develop a Serious Strategy to Combat Antisemitism? For about 20 years, the EU has been largely inactive, incompetent, negligent, and at times even evil in the battle against antisemitism.

Europe Reset? The last week or so has seen a flurry of activity from the European Union proposing a reset in transatlantic relations.

153 UN states call on Israel to 'renounce possession of nuclear weapons’ The Jewish state was asked “not to develop, produce, test or otherwise acquire nuclear weapons.”

US troop pullouts in Mideast raise fears of Iranian attacks The presence of the USS Nimitz may cause Iran or the militias to rethink a possible attack, said a senior U.S. military official.