Thursday, October 24, 2019


IDF Chief says all fronts 'fragile,' could deteriorate into a war Israel is currently dealing with multiple arenas and enemies at the same time with the northern front being the most fragile which could deteriorate into war, IDF Chief of Staff Lt.-Gen. Aviv Kochavi has said.

Can Israel Fend off an Iranian Missile or Drone Attack? Missile and drone swarms have proven difficult to counter, as in the case with Saudi Arabia.

Erdogan's Summit with Putin Should Ring Alarm Bells for NATO These days, the Soviet Union might be no more, but Russia under President Vladimir Putin's autocratic rule is just as determined to undermine the West and its allies, and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, to judge by his successful summit with the Russian leader this week at the Black Sea city of Sochi, is proving to be Moscow's useful idiot in accomplishing these goals.

Russia's Play for the Middle East Syria is a mess. For Vladimir Putin, it's also an opportunity.

The merits of Trump's approach to Mideast peace By withdrawing American troops from northern Syria, US President Donald Trump has once again signaled that his administration recognizes only two national interests in the Middle East: containment of Iran and Israel's security.

Jordan's 25-year Peace With Israel 'Cold And Getting Colder' Twenty-five years after the signing of a landmark peace treaty, ties between Jordan and Israel mirror the ebbs and flows of a turbulent region, while many Jordanians still regard the Jewish state as an "enemy".

Israel demolishes two illegal West Bank outposts in Jewish settlement of Yitzhar The wooden structures were erected lasted week in Yitzhar Hills - located in Area B of the West Bank.

Brexit: Deja vu as France digs in heels over extension There's a strong sense of deja vu in the EU's Brexit extension discussions.

Evangelicals have stuck by Trump. But polls hint at trouble ahead Backlash from Trump's Syria decision has left him scurrying to shore up a critical element of his base.

Movement Hopes to Boost Jewish Presence on Temple Mount A report by i24 News profiles a Temple Mount Faithful Movement looks to boost Jewish presence at the holy site.