Friday, October 19, 2018


Israel and US postal services issue joint Hanukkah stamp Communications Minister Kara and US Ambassador Friedman attend commemorative launch, which also marks 70 years of diplomatic relations.

Terror leader tells Gazans to keep border protests nonviolent after flareup Organizer of 'March of Return' says Friday demonstrations along security fence is about 'masses gathering in a peaceful manner,' not clashes with Israeli troops.

U.S. Envoy Haley: Palestine is Not Any State At All "The Palestinians are not a UN Member State or any state at all. The United States will continually point that out in our remarks at UN events led by the Palestinians," Haley said.

Why Palestinians Do Not Have a Parliament In the absence of a parliament, the Palestinians have no address to express their grievances.

10,000 Rioters at Gaza Border, in Tense IDF-Hamas Standoff The intensity of protests along the Gaza fence today, might be an indicator of how the recent increase in tension will play out.

Russians 'will go to heaven' in event of nuclear war: Putin Russians will "go to heaven" as martyrs in the event of nuclear war because Moscow will only ever use nuclear weapons in retaliation, President Vladimir Putin said Thursday.

Stephen Hawking: There is no God. Albert Einstein: There is. The incredible Stephen Hawking, who died last March, was outspoken about his own particular lack of faith in God, even as scientists around him began to reach the opposite conclusion, namely that the Big Bang Theory and others like it seemed to prove that someone or something greater must have lit the fuse.

Even after 46 years, Fatah still lauds its Olympics massacre The world was enraged when 8 Palestinian terrorists from Fatah's Black September took 11 Israeli athletes and coaches hostage at the Olympics in Munich on September 5, 1972, and later murdered them.

On the verge of a nervous Brexit breakdown? "A Brexit deal may never be reached," according to the EU's chief Brexit negotiator on the morning after the (summit) night before.

New Jerusalem Museum Looks at the Origins of Christianity After extensive renovations, Terra Sancta Museum showcases archaeological artifacts linked to the life of Jesus.