Thursday, September 11, 2014


* Analysis: US plunges reluctantly, but definitively, into Syria After years of fear and hesitating, Obama's National Security Council determines the US has no other choice than to fight Islamic State on its home turf.

* After Obama declares war on Islamic State, Iran slams make-up of emerging coalition Iran said on Thursday the emerging international coalition to battle Islamic State militants was "shrouded in serious ambiguities," Iranian state television reported.

* Israel Dismantles Access Ramp for Non-Muslims to Temple Mount Israel on Wednesday dismantled a newly erected wooden access ramp to Jerusalem's Temple Mount compound that would have increased access for non-Muslims but which angered Jordan, according to AFP.

* Putin promises new weapons to fend Western threats Russia will counter military moves by the U.S. and NATO with an array of new nuclear and conventional weapons, President Vladimir Putin said Wednesday.

* It's time to back away from the Russian wolf The West has blundered into the Ukrainian forest and enraged the Russian wolf, only to discover that we cannot face him.

* America Is On The Verge Of Losing Its Place In The World As No. 1 The U.S. economy is the largest economy in the world. But it wasn't always the largest. And it's unlikely to remain the largest economy for much longer.

* Satanists to Hold Controversial Black Mass in Oklahoma A devil-worshiping group hell-bent on hosting a satanic black mass is planning to go ahead with its controversial ceremony this month.

* Solar Storm Warning: Sun Shoots X-Flare Outburst at Earth A cantankerous sunspot region erupted with a powerful X1.6-class solar flare at just the wrong time Wednesday.

* Dept. Defense Minister: Hamas Likely to Restart Hostilities Israel's deputy foreign minister warned Thursday that Hamas was likely to resume "violence" if it feels it has made no political gains from upcoming talks in Cairo.

* Most Europeans want Ukraine to join the EU Most Europeans say Ukraine should be invited to join the EU and want tougher sanctions on Russia.