Saturday, November 07, 2015


How Russia's military presence in Syria complicates Israeli affairs  Israel's defense establishment quietly preparing for an expanded presence of the Iranian-led axis in southern Syria. 

Muslim council calls to ban all Jews from Temple Mount  Muslim council of clerics demands return to pre-1967 status, when Jordanian occupation forbade Jewish visitors completely. 

Analysis: The Obama-Netanyahu meeting: Just like the very first time ... or not  Israel and the US need to coordinate on monitoring, on sharing intelligence to get a clear picture of exactly what the Iranians are - and are not - doing. 

Analysis: What Netanyahu hopes to gain from his meeting with Obama  For the time being, before Netanyahu and Obama get down to brass tacks, the two leaders are thinking of the photo op in the Oval Office. 

Turkey Still Besieges Its Kurds  For the past few years, the AKP government has proudly proclaimed that it wanted to resolve the Kurdish issue: "bring peace" to Turkey. But the government has kept attacking Kurds, including their legal political party, the People's Democratic Party (HDP). 

China and Taiwan leaders hail historic talks  The leaders of China and Taiwan have held historic talks in Singapore - their first in more than 60 years. 

US official: IS in Syria heard 'celebrating' after Sinai crash  US intelligence also intercepted message from group in Egyptian peninsula discussing 'something big' before Russian plane came down. 

Analysis: Why the West should worry about Turkey  Erdogan's unwillingness to accept a legitimate, democratic election result is another sign that he is tightening his grip on power. 

The roots of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict  This conflict has never been just nationalistic. It's always been interwoven with the fate of all the Arab nations of the Middle East. 

Russian plane crash: UK suspects bomb was in hold  UK investigators looking at what caused a Russian airliner to crash in Egypt believe a bomb was put in the hold prior to take-off, the BBC has learned.