Monday, January 06, 2020


Iran poised to strike US forces, pulls militia chiefs out of Iraq. Trump: We have targeted 52 Iranian sites Iran began gearing up for a revenge strike on US targets in Iraq on Saturday night, Jan 4, DEBKAfile's exclusive military sources report.

Rivlin: Whoever leads next gov. needs to know how to handle Iran Amos Yadlin warned that if the US ceases to be an umbrella for Israel at the United Nations, the outcome for Israel will be catastrophic.

Merkel to meet Putin in Moscow for talks on Mideast crises German Chancellor Angela Merkel will travel to Moscow on Saturday to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin amid growing tensions in the Middle East and elsewhere, officials said Monday.

Iran holds all the cards in coming Middle East conflict with US - unless Trump is ready to drop a tactical NUKE Iran has promised retaliation for the assassination of Qassem Suleimani. Donald Trump said this will lead to a disproportionate response from the US.

Iran Threatens to Turn Tel Aviv, Haifa into Dust The battle of words between Iran and the USA is still going strong in the Twittersphere. And Israel seems to be absorbing the brunt of it.

Qassem Soleimani: Inside the twisted, terrible reign of Iran's top general The killing of Iranian terror-meister Qassem Soleimani in a targeted US air strike in Baghdad on Thursday will have a dramatic impact on the stability of the Iranian regime and its ability to conduct oversea terrorist operations.

Key US allies push to deescalate crisis with Iran after top general killed French president urges Tehran to avoid 'military escalation that could aggravate instability in the region' following death of Soleimani.

Can China and the EU put aside their differences and find common ground? Beijing's focus in 2020 is expected to be less on the US and more on Europe, with a packed agenda of cooperative engagements with Brussels.

'Bible Memory Man' shares 3 tips for memorizing Scripture in 2020 As prominent Christian leaders and ministries declare 2020 the "Year of the Bible," more people are looking to the Good Book for answers.

City of David archaeologists say 2,000-year-old central Jerusalem market found Stone table top used to measure liquid volumes located in large courtyard in City of David's Stepped Street, which archaeologists believe was the central market.