Tuesday, June 18, 2013


* Israel: Iran's new president will continue nuclear quest Israeli experts continue to caution and erroneously placated West that Iran's new president will press forward with his nation's nuclear arms program.

* Syrian civil war 'dress rehearsal' for world war? A leading Israeli expert on the Middle East suggested last week that with all the foreign involvement in the ongoing Syrian civil war.

* Chevron secures Iraqi Kurdish oil deal U.S. oil giant Chevron says it has signed a deal with Iraq's Kurdish regional government to expand its oil exploration territory in the northern self-rule region.

* Clinton: Israel must make peace in order to survive Former US president Bill Clinton stressed on Monday night that "preparing for the worst" in an uncertain Middle Eastern climate is a sensible attitude for the Jewish State.

* Hamas: 100,000 children to enroll in summer camps As has become customary in recent years, this summer will see hundreds of thousands of small children in Gaza enroll in summer camps organized by terrorist groups.

* Iraq violence: Deadly suicide bomb attacks hit Baghdad At least 31 people have been killed in a double suicide bomb attack at a Shia mosque in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad.

* Peres, at 90, still going strong As Shimon Peres turns 90, the indefatigable Israeli president is doing what he has always done: looking ahead.

* The future of European Turkey On Saturday night (15 June), central Istanbul descended into apocalyptic scenes of unfettered violence.

* Putin faces isolation over Syria as G8 ups pressure Russian President Vladimir Putin faced further isolation on the second day of a G8 summit on Tuesday.

* 'What occupation?' Bennett asks, rejecting Palestinian state The idea of a Palestinian state has run its course and Israel must seek another solution to the conflict with the Palestinians.