Monday, September 22, 2014


Tony Blair: We'll need boots on the ground against Islamic State, possibly from West Former British prime minister Tony Blair went on CNN's "State of the Union" Sunday morning to discuss the threat of the Islamic State and the role he believes Europe and the United States will have to play in combating the al-Qaeda-inspired extremist group.

Jordanian king says borders "secure" from Islamic State After kingdom arrests 11 alleged IS members on terror suspicions, Abdullah asserts determination to contain jihadist threat.

IS Calls to Kill Westerners, Claims Obama is 'Mule of the Jews' 'Islamic State' terrorist group calls on Muslims to kill random 'disbelieving Americans or Europeans', singles out 'filthy French'.

Israel Police on Temple Mount is incompetent, Regev says "When only Jews are not allowed on the Mount because of rioting [by Arabs], the Muslims are getting exactly what they want," Likud MK says.

THE ANCIENT WAR BETWEEN THE JUDEO-CHRISTIAN WEST AND ISLAM Note from Senior Management: Jim Pinkerton outlines the central issues in the 1500-year struggle between competing cultural visions several years ago in this article, which first appeared in The American Conservative.

Netanyahu and Barkat's 'Jerusalem Disengagement' - by 2030? Councilman Arieh King exposes 'de facto division' of the capital, with all the figures behind his prediction of an Arab majority by 2030.

New Jerusalem Project to Provide 50,000 Jobs Jerusalem's “front gate” is set to get a major upgrade in the coming years, with a one billion dollar investment.

Ahead of New Year, Aliyah Hits 5-Year High 24,800 new immigrants arrived in Israel in the Jewish year 5774, more of them from France than any other country.

World Council of Churches Demands Israel Release Terrorists Global collective of 347 churches calls for 'political prisoners' - listing repeat terrorists - to be freed to end the 'illegal occupation.'

Mars Maven mission arrives in orbit The US space agency's (Nasa) latest Mars satellite has arrived successfully in orbit above the planet.