Monday, May 16, 2016


Battles Across Iraq Call Into Question U.S. Strategy  Trench warfare on northern front little changed since 2014 (Updated). 

A new Mediterranean friendship amid regional instability  The once frosty relationship between Israel and Greece has blossomed into a new partnership dedicated to boosting security ties, as the region is plagued by new threats. 

* 'Jews invented the Temple Mount lie'  Organization representing Palestinian religious leaders praises the UNESCO denial of Jewish ties to the Temple Mount. 

Libya: US backs arming of government for IS fight  The US and other world powers have said they are ready to arm Libya's UN-backed unity government to help it fight the self-styled Islamic State (IS) group. 

Jordanian parliament speaker: We oppose the peace treaty with Israel  "The Jordanian parliament is an independent authority and its opinion toward the peace treaty with Israel is different in essence from the government's position," the Jordanian House Speaker said. 

Analysis: What exactly is happening in Saudi Arabia?  Prince Mohammed is overseeing the most dramatic changes his country has seen in the past half century. 

Nakba Day commemorated on both sides of Green Line  Main display in the West Bank is dubbed the 'return train,' which traveled from the Dheisheh Refugee Camp to the Rachel's Tomb crossing; ceremony held at Tel Aviv University for 5th consecutive year. 

Palestinian Authority claims Arab majority by 2020  Report by Palestinian Authority suggests 12.4 million Palestinians worldwide, equal number of Jews and Arabs between river and sea. 

Divers find huge trove of statues, coins in 1,600-year-old shipwreck  In 'biggest find in 30 years,' archaeologists rescue rare bronze figures of gods, animals, that sank off Caesarea along with ship carrying metal for recycling. 

Belarus pledges full support for Russian plans to counter US missile defense in Europe  The Belarusian foreign minister has voiced concern about the US and NATO beefing up military contingents in Europe, promising his country will join Russia in offering an appropriate response to the deployment of US missile defense systems on the continent.