Thursday, March 12, 2020


Analysis: The assault on Israel as the 'Jewish state' The philosophical assault on Zionism-on Israel as the authentic expression of Jewish political rights-has revved itself up, and we cannot but be vigilant as to its nefarious purposes.

'The EU Disapproves': Brussels Angry Trump Acted on Coronavirus Without Their Permission The European Commission has said that the European Union "disapproves" of President Donald Trump's decision to protect his citizens from further foreign exposure to coronavirus by banning entry from most of the bloc's countries without having consulted with Brussels, first.

Shas's Deri calls for 'national emergency government' to tackle coronavirus Blue and White's Lapid says Netanyahu doesn't want unity: 'He has made a decision to go to 4th elections'.

PA TV preacher: Coronavirus 'is one of Almighty Allah's soldiers' PA television preacher calls coronavirus disease 'one of Almighty Allah's soldiers... against those who attack His believers.'

As Coronavirus Closes Skies: Jews Worldwide may Miss Last Chance to Return to Israel as Prophesied in Deuteronomy Amidst news that, due to the coronavirus, all passengers landing in Israel must enter a 14-day quarantine period, hundreds of flights to Israel have been canceled and El Al, Israel's flag-carrying airline placed 80% of its workforce on unpaid leave, open access to Israel can no longer be taken for granted.

Syria: Is The End Game Approaching? Eight years of war in Syria have come down to an epic struggle in a northwestern province the size of Delaware.

Has Syria Reactivated its Chemical-Weapons Program? Recent Strikes Might Provide a Clue Syrian media reports of Israeli airstrikes, allegedly launched early on March 5 in central and southern Syria, may be a sign that Damascus has renewed its chemical-weapons program.

Israel protests Russian FM Lavrov's meeting with Islamic Jihad leader The Russian side "reaffirmed its firm commitment to the two-state principle" based on UN Security Council and General Assembly resolutions and the Arab Peace Initiative, Moscow said.

Bolsonaro aide who posed for photo with Trump tests positive for coronavirus Wife of Fabio Wajngarten, the Brazilian leader’s communications secretary, confirms he was diagnosed with virus after returning from Mar-a-Lago for talks with US president, VP.

What is the European Union and who wants in? Everything you should know The European Union is an economic and political coalition between 27 sovereign states that focuses on the integration of its members through free trade, free movement of people, and the promotion and encouragement of social and economic issues.