Monday, July 16, 2018


Trump-Putin Summit Could Pave Way to Mideast War, or Avert it The crucial talks, centered on Iran nuclear deal and Syria conflict, will have major ramifications for the region.

Israel Broadens Fight Against Iran June strike on Syria-Iraq border aimed to thwart Tehran's effort to establish secure land route for weapons through Iraq to Syria and Lebanon.

New Details Emerge on Unprecedented 'Israeli Strike' on Syria-Iraq Border According to the Wall Street Journal, Israel stuck a villa housing Shi'ite militias, Iranian forces in attempt to disrupt Iran's land corridor to Mediterranean.

Khamenei:'There will be no Mideast peace deal, Israel will wither away' Ayatollah blasts President Trump's plans to broker peace between Israel, PA, says Israel will disappear, leaving only Palestinian state.

Netanyahu to Hamas: Whoever Hurts Israel Will be Hit with 'Great Strength' TEL AVIV - Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday sent a warning message to Hamas that "whoever hurts Israel" will be targeted swiftly and harshly and the Jewish state will respond to any and all provocations, including the launching of incendiary kites and balloons into Israeli territory.

Analysis: If Moscow's 'Deal of the Century' for Iran Works, Both Damascus and Jerusalem Will Smile Reports from Russia after Putin's meeting with Netanyahu show that Russia indeed plans to act to withdraw the Iranian forces in exchange for an Israeli promise not to hurt Assad or his regime.

What are the Palestinians Fighting For? If someone were to ask what it is the Palestinians are fighting for, one might answer: "For a Palestinian state in the occupied territories.

After tremors, experts warn a huge quake is the greatest threat facing Israel Scientists say thousands could die because Israel, which sits on a major fault line, has ignored warnings to strengthen homes and schools.

Massive Syrian-Hizballah Golan war preparations tie IDF down from reining in Gaza terror "The countdown has started for the battle of Quneitra," Syrian and Iranian propaganda machines trumpeted on Friday, July 13.