Monday, October 10, 2011


* EU summit on Arab Spring overshadowed by deadly Egypt violence European Union Foreign Ministers express concern over overnight clashes between Coptic Christian protesters and the army in Cairo, which left 24 dead.

* Egypt clashes: Copts mourn victims of Cairo unrest Thousands of Egyptian Coptic Christians have gathered for the funerals of protesters killed during clashes with security forces in Cairo on Sunday.

* "US is #1 Palestinian enemy as it backs Israeli oppression" Senior official Tawfik Tirawi says Fatah hasn't abandoned armed struggle option against Israel; Erekat: PA not opposed to negotiations.

* Iran tells Turkey: Change tack or face trouble Ayatollah Ali Khamenei’s military adviser attacks Erdogan's behavior towards Syria, Iran as "in line with the goals of America."

* Window for strike on Iran nuke facilities growing slimmer Israeli-American scholar on nuclear proliferation says that Iranian advances limiting Israeli ability to launch effective attack.

* Sectarian rifts erupt again in Saudi Arabia Shi'ite rioting sends warning that Riyadh's financial largesse doesn’t address grievances.

* Analysis: Egypt’s floundering revolution The Muslim Brotherhood and the liberal Wafd party say they will boycott the November 28 election unless emergency laws are repealed.

* Syria threatens tough measures against any state that recognizes opposition council Syrian FM Walid Mualem says all opposition groups are invited to dialogue with Assad regime, discounting, however, outside recognition of opposition as illegitimate.

* PA Plan: Use UN to Cement Claims to Jewish Holy Sites The PA plans to use anticipated membership in UN committee to make claims on Jewish holy sites in Judea, Samaria.

* Islamist Winds in Egypt? No Jews Allowed at Holy Site Arab Winter: Egypt has completely barred Jews from visiting the tomb of Rabbi Abuhatzeira, grandfather of the "Baba Sali".