Thursday, May 09, 2019


With flags unfurled, jets overhead, and grills galore, Israel marks 71 years Independence Day celebrations across the country see hundreds of thousands turn out to enjoy nature, watch Air Force flybys, and cook up a BBQ.

A look back at 71 years since the creation of Israel A quick glance into Israel's 71 years of independence.

On anniversary of Nazi defeat, Putin vows to strengthen Russian military At annual parade marking WWII Allies victory in Europe, president says Russian armed forces ready to cooperate with others combating 'terrorism, neo-Nazism and extremism'.

EU 'concerned' by Iran's partial withdrawal from JCPOA EU, British, German, and French foreign ministers issue joint statement after Iran says will not fulfill commitments under nuclear deal.

At Independence Day contest, PM vows to put a Bible on the moon Citing the holy book as the source of Israel's 'initiative, determination and daring,' Netanyahu promises to press ahead with a second lunar mission.

Independence Day 2019 - a party for more than 9 million Israelis It took 71 years, but the country that was founded with just over 800,000 people has reached a new record, and Israel's 100th birthday will be marked by more than 15 million people; 88.9% of Israelis say they have a happy life.

Watch the Independence Day flyby - from above IDF and police present air show for Israeli Independence Day 71.

PM Netanyahu's Greeting for Israel's 71st Independence Day PM: We are the only people to live in the same land, speak the same language, and practice the same faith as we did 3,000 years ago.

Netanyahu: Israel will not allow Iran nuclear weapons Speaking at a memorial service Prime Minister Netanyahu reiterating his governments' long-held Israeli position.

Behind apparent military escalation, US and Iran buy 2-3 months' grace for reassessment While the US and Iran seem to be on the knife edge of an armed clash, both have taken time-out to reassess their next steps.