Wednesday, August 21, 2019


Trump promotes claim Jewish Israelis love him like he is 'King of Israel and second coming of God' Donald Trump has promoted a claim that Jewish people in Israel love him like he is the "king" of the country and "the second coming of God".

Rouhani warns pressure on Iran will cause global insecurity The president added that the Islamic Republic had "chosen the right path" in reducing commitments to the nuclear deal and that Iran's patience "has a limit."

Zarif Warns US against Any 'Miscalculation' in Persian Gulf Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif cautions the United States against attempting to form a naval coalition against Iran under the guise of ensuring maritime security in the Persian Gulf.

Trump warned Turkey punishment could 'hand Middle East to China' Donald Trump's drastic alienation of Turkey from the US fighter jet programme is intended to limit China's growing influence in the Middle East - but will only push the region towards Beijing, according to experts.

Iranian-backed militia: U.S. allowed Israeli aircraft to attack Iraqi bases "We have confirmed information that this year, the Americans allowed four Israeli drones [into Iraq] to work within the US fleet to carry out sorties targeting Iraqi military headquarters."

Abbas: 'martyrs' are 'the most sacred thing we have' The Palestinians cannot be removed from their homeland, and every building built by the Zionist occupation will be destroyed, said Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas in a video uploaded to his Facebook page earlier this month.

"The Occupation" - How the EU Discriminates Against Israel Why does the EU single out Israeli "occupation" over other "occupations"? Because anti-Israeli, pro-Palestinian positions are one of the few rallying cries that unite Europe.

Al-Qaeda, ISIS, Afghanistan and an Opportunity for the West In the short term, al-Qaeda evidently wants to pressure the United States to withdraw from direct involvement in the Middle East.

NATO Member Turkey Accused of Aiding Mideast Jihadists Turkey's foreign ministry said that a convoy destined for a military observation post in Idlib, Syria was attacked in an air raid earlier today.

The Extinction of Christians in the Middle East "I don't believe in these two words [human rights], there are no human rights."