Tuesday, October 04, 2016


Putin suspends nuclear pact, raising stakes in row with Washington Move comes as Russia and America are on the verge of military showdown in Syria, only a short time after the US relocated its nukes from Turkey's Incirlik base to Romania, where the Aegis anti-Russian missile shield has been deployed earlier this year.

PARANOID PUTIN Russia holds massive nuclear war exercise involving 40MILLION people as military tensions rise with US RUSSIA is holding a massive evacuation drill for more than 40million people to prepare for nuclear war.

Census: Record 42.4M immigrants, 23% of school kids, Muslims biggest jump At 42.4 million, there are now more immigrants, legal and illegal, in America than ever before, fueled by a massive flood from Muslim nations, and the growing numbers are substantially impacting public services like public schools, according to a weighty new analysis of Census Bureau data.

Isis prepares for 'apocalyptic' battle to defend the village at the heart of its propaganda operation Turkey-backed Syrian rebels say they are less than 48 hours away from launching an attack on the town of Dabiq, held by Isis since 2014.

Assange vs Clinton: No threat or Chinese torture? WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange exploded the bubble of widely touted leaks for upending the US election at his video conference in Berlin Tuesday, Oct. 4, by a strangely anemic appearance.

Turkey purges 13,000 police officers over failed coup Turkey has suspended almost 13,000 police officers for their alleged links with the US-based Muslim cleric, Fethullah Gulen.

The 5776 mirror: Looking back over the past Jewish year As we look back over the past Jewish year, Israel has room for much optimism and hope - and a dark cloud or two.

Backlash to World Economic Order Clouds Outlook at IMF Talks Policy-making elites converge on Washington this week for meetings that epitomize a faith in globalization that's at odds with the growing backlash against the inequities it creates.

THE NEW MIDDLE EAST A new Syria is emerging. And with it, a new Middle East and world are presenting themselves. Our new world is not a peaceful or stable one. It is a harsh place.

Palestinian Murderers and their Western Enablers The Palestinian Authority not only celebrates murderers: it produces new ones every day -- and does so knowlingly and voluntarily.