Wednesday, June 03, 2020


Secret Deal Results in Saudi Arabia Challenging Turkey for Control of Temple Mount An article in the Hebrew-language Israel Hayom on Sunday reported on secret negotiations that have been held between Israel and Saudi Arabia since December that would result in including Saudi clerics in the Waqf council that oversees the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

Israel Believes Assad's Syria Is Restarting Its Chemical Weapons Programs Virtually all the state actors in the region find it more expedient to remain locked in perpetual small-scale warfare than to take on the political risks of negotiating in good faith with their adversaries—a move which could delegitimize them with their own allies.

Putin has in effect colonised Syria – while ‘anti-imperialists’ cheered “Ash-sha’b yuriid isqaat an-nizaam” was the chant that was born in Tunisia, spread throughout the Arab world and in March 2011, arrived in Dara’a, Syria.

Most Israelis Support for Annexation, Despite Fear of Violence As American Jewish leaders and organizations ponder their response to an Israeli annexation in the West Bank (if an annexation materializes), they might want to take into account that most Israelis support this move: close to 60% of Jews.

Israel 'opening gates of violence' if West Bank lands annexed, PA official says 'Every home, every young person… can turn into a powder keg if Israel carries out the annexation'.

Calls for Conference on Future of Europe to be launched ‘as soon as possible’ The European Parliament will be asked to adopt a resolution at its next plenary later this month calling for the Conference on the Future of Europe to be launched “as soon as possible.”

Annexation and the "International Law" false argument Israel acted against an ephemeral "International Law" five times, and thank G-d it did! One was capturing Eichmann, another Entebbe. Op-ed.

Why Western Media is Biased Against Israel Many foreign journalists seem to see the conflict along the lines of "good guys (Palestinians) versus bad guys (Israel)."

Breaking China: A rupture looms between Israel and the United States As an American-Chinese power struggle ramps up, the Jewish state increasingly feels the fallout with US pressure to nix deals it deems detrimental to its security interests.

Erdoğan's Libya Campaign: Another Neo-Ottoman Design Erdoğan knows that every political adventure outside Turkish borders increases his popularity, especially at a time when economic hardships could prune his approval at home.