Friday, December 21, 2018


Trump's Controversial Decision to Pull Out Of Syria Sets World Teetering President Trump made a surprise announcement on Wednesday that he was ordering the 2,000 U.S troops in Syria to withdraw, fulfilling a campaign promise.

ANALYSIS: Russia Makes Israeli Airstrikes in Syria Virtually Impossible Things heated up on the Israel Lebanon border on Tuesday when soldiers of the Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF) prevented IDF soldiers from erecting a barbed wire fence on the Israeli side of the so-called Blue Line, the UN recognized international border between Israel and Lebanon.

Iran: Toward a Plan B Is a Plan B possible? No one knows for sure.

Caroline Glick: Trump's Decision to Pull Forces Out of Syria Has Upsides On its face, Trump's announcement that he is pulling US forces out of Syria seems like an unfriendly act toward Israel. But it isn't.

The European Union and the Limits of Empire In the last century, governing elites came to see nations - with their separate borders, traditions, and governments - as sources of conflict and war.

Syria's Kurds say Trump US troop pullout harms anti-IS fight A Kurdish-led alliance in Syria says President Donald Trump's surprise decision to withdraw US troops will allow the Islamic State (IS) group to recover.

US pullout strengthens Iran 'land bridge' to the Mediterranean Critics say Trump has just gifted Tehran a decades-old strategic goal of a presence across Iraq, Syria and Lebanon, which Israel has vowed to oppose.

Debate in Tehran: Stay in the JCPOA or Leave It? A heated debate is underway in Tehran over whether or not to remain in the JCPOA following the US withdrawal.

Does China's Nuclear-Capable Hypersonic Missile Threaten U.S. Deterrence? U.S. officials revealed in August that China had test-fired a hypersonic missile capable of carrying a nuclear warhead and of thwarting missile-defense systems.

Scoop: Netanyahu rejected Russian plan to work with U.S. on Syria, Iran More than three months ago, Russian President Vladimir Putin's national security adviser Nikolai Patrushev gave his Israeli counterpart a document.