Wednesday, December 30, 2020


 China Marches On It has long been clear that Chinese data has been systematically distorted by Chinese reporters themselves.

How has Israel launched the world’s fastest Covid vaccination drive? Israel on track to have vaccinated 10% of citizens by weekend but Palestinians might wait months.

China Using Covid to Overtake America's Economy China's economy is worse than it appears, and its vaccines, needed for a full recovery, are still in development, far behind America's.

Over 400 Earthquakes in One Day: Bible Scholars Weigh in With the arrival of the pandemic, a US presidential election that resulted in pandemonium, Israel heading to the polls for the fourth time, and the bizarre threat of murder hornets, it is only fitting that as 2020 prepares to make its exit, the earth begins to shake.

Researchers predict massive earthquake to hit Israel: ‘Could be next week’ “Unfortunately, I am able say that an earthquake that will cause hundreds of casualties will hit in the coming years,” said Prof. Shmuel Marco.

2020: The Year in European Islam This year the biggest story in Western Europe, as around the world, was the Chinese virus and lockdown.

How might Brexit impact the Middle East? Changing trading regulations could mean more Middle Eastern products on the shelves of UK supermarkets, but Brexit may also lead to significant policy changes.

Conditioning U.S. Aid to Israel Would Make Everyone Less Safe Placing more conditions on aid to Israel would undermine America’s credibility and put Israelis and Palestinians at risk.

Israel opposes any and all versions of Iran Deal, says PMO - exclusive The US under President Donald Trump left the Iran deal in 2018, in favor of a “maximum pressure” sanctions regime against the ayatollahs’ regime.

Gaza terror groups launch first joint drill, fire rockets into sea as ‘message’ Hamas closes down main streets of Gaza City for exercise conducted with Islamic Jihad and smaller Gaza factions, breathlessly covered by local media.