Monday, August 24, 2020


 Sanhedrin Petitions to Govt to blow shofar on Temple Mount for first time since Temple destruction A petition is currently being considered by Prime Minister which, if accepted, will permit a Jew to blow the shofar on Rosh Hashanna on the Temple Mount.

Pompeo heads to Mideast as part of Trump's Arab-Israeli push Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is on a trip to the Middle East, the first of two senior U.S. officials to travel to the region this week as the Trump administration presses an ambitious Arab-Israeli peace push.

Dermer: Expect another accord between Israel, Arab country 'very soon' Another Arab country will soon sign a normalization deal with Israel, following in the footsteps of the United Arab Emirates, Israel's Ambassador to Washington Ron Dermer said Sunday.

The EU and Israel as Genuine Strategic Partners Time and again the relationship between the EU and Israel has been marred by bad language, subsequent remorse to varying degrees, and tepid reassurance.

EU gives millions to ‘protect Palestinian identity’ of Jerusalem EU funded NGOs promote Arab cultural sites in Jerusalem while ignoring Jewish history, says watchdog group NGO Monitor.

Turkey’s Drive to Become Maritime Powerhouse Unsettles Mediterranean Turkey’s big push into the Mediterranean featuring controversial gas drilling, tough rhetoric and warships is rooted in a grand vision of a “Blue Homeland” that takes over waters claimed by EU neighbours.

The Islamic Republic of Iran: A Criminal Enterprise, Not a State Venezuela, Iran's ally, has also made clear its intention to buy Iranian missiles that can reach American cities.

British FM heads to Israel to push dialogue with Palestinians Reiterating London’s opposition to a West Bank annexation, Dominic Raab set to meet Netanyahu, Gantz, Abbas on first official visit.

After Hagia Sophia, Turkey's historic Chora church also switched to mosque Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan reconverted the historic Chora church, one of Istanbul’s most celebrated Byzantine buildings, into a mosque on Friday, a month after opening the famed Hagia Sophia to Muslim worship.

Cutting it close! THREE asteroids inbound this week were only spotted THIS MONTH, NASA reveals The near-constant bombardment of space rocks buzzing our planet continues, with planetary defenses alerted to a trio of asteroids measuring over 25 meters in diameter en route to Earth’s backyard this week.