Saturday, September 22, 2007


* Ahmadinejad warns against attack Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has issued a tough warning to any country considering an attack on Iran.

* Al Qaeda takes 'media jihad' to new heights The sixth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks has provided an opportunity for Al Qaeda to show off, once again, its mastery of the Internet as a tool for international propaganda, terrorism experts said Friday.

* Parashat Yom Kippur: Unconditional love A major aspect of our Yom Kippur liturgy is the service of the High Priest on this Day of Forgiveness.

* Iran unveils new missile at parade Iran has unveiled a new long-range missile among an array of armaments displayed in an annual military parade commemorating the country's 1980-88 war with Iraq.

* Endless talks on Kosovo may lead to 'hostilities', US warns Talks on the future status of Kosovo are likely to continue after the 10 December deadline set by the international community, but letting them run into an "endless process" may lead to new hostilities in the region, a senior US diplomat has warned.

* Kadima slams Ramon over call for divided J'lem Vice Premier Haim Ramon faced a firing squad of Kadima ministers and MKs attacking him at Thursday's Kadima council meeting for his recent call to divide Jerusalem in a final-status agreement with the Palestinians.

* 'I'm not going to comment,' says resolute Bush on Syria attack US President George W. Bush emphatically refused to address reports of an Israeli attack on Syria despite persistent questioning during a White House press conference Thursday.

* Two million displaced inside Iraq Nearly two million Iraqis have fled their homes for other parts of Iraq since the US-led invasion, creating a "human tragedy without precedence," the country's Red Crescent said.

* Diplomats pushing for Darfur peace Top diplomats from 26 countries met Friday to give political momentum to upcoming peace talks in Darfur and push for an agreement on the composition of a new peacekeeping force that the U.N. warns will not be effective without key contributions from non-African countries.

* Fatah official: Talks with Hamas likely after November summit A senior Fatah official said Saturday that talks with the rival Islamic movement Hamas are likely to be held following an international peace conference slated for November.