Thursday, October 03, 2013


* Netanyahu says Iran headed by 'wild, aggressive cult' Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu continued his public relations campaign against the Iranian government.

* Israel no longer certain Obama would ever use force against Iran, Likud MK indicates Israel is no longer certain that the Obama administration would employ military force even as a last resort.

* Arafat's death still unclear: Where are the test results? He was a symbol of the Palestinian people, co-founder of the PLO and Fatah, a self-confessed terrorist.

* Chemical weapons disarming in Syria underway An international team of chemical weapons experts has made "encouraging initial progress" as it works towards the elimination of Syria's poison gas arsenal.

* Jewish Bride Visits the Temple Mount On Wednesday, Rabbi Chaim Richman of the Temple Institute and others had the great privilege of meeting a bride (kallah in Hebrew) on her wedding day.

* Dozens of Hareidim Ascend Temple Mount In a noteworthy move, dozens of hareidim were granted access on Tuesday to the holiest site in Judaism, the Temple Mount.

* Health of oceans 'declining fast' The health of the world's oceans is deteriorating even faster than had previously been thought.

* Egypt's Brotherhood: Army leaders like Hitler Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood on Thursday sharply criticized the military for ousting the country's Islamist president.

* Top-level discussion glum on state of EU A clutch of academics, policy-makers and politicians gathered in Brussels on Wednesday.

* Egypt brings Gaza tunnels to a standstill Only a few workers remain, and they are either napping on cots or taking endless smoke breaks.