Tuesday, February 27, 2018


Iran Files UN Grievance Against Israel Over Netanyahu's 'Threats' Iran has filed a grievance against Israel with the U.N. Security Council over Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's speech at the Munich Security Conference last week, saying it constitutes a direct threat to the Islamic republic.

Saudi military leaders fired amid stalemated war in Yemen DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) — Saudi Arabia replaced its military chief of staff and other defense officials early on Tuesday morning in a shake-up apparently aimed at overhauling its Defense Ministry during the stalemated and ruinous war in Yemen

Kenya: Muslims murder three Christians, scream "these infidels should be wiped out" Suspected members of Islamic jihad group Al Shabaab shot three Christians to death in northeastern Kenya after bursting into their sleeping quarters at a primary school.

Russia vetoes anti-Iran UN Security Council resolution On Monday, the resolution gained 11 favorable votes at the 15-member Security Council but was halted by Russia's veto.

Concern in Israel that masses of E. Ghouta refugees will stream to its Golan border A Russian promise on Monday, Feb. 26 to set an evacuation route for civilians to leave besieged Eastern Ghouta has sparked deep forebodings in Israel.

Netanyahu: 'Only a Matter of Time' Before Others Move Embassy to Jerusalem Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Monday that it is "only a matter of time" before other countries follow US President Donald Trump's lead in moving their respective embassies to the Israeli capital of Jerusalem.

PA Mufti warns of "disasters of wars, anarchy, and instability" in region, US embassy move to Jerusalem is "blatant attack on Arabs and Muslims" After the announcement by the US State Department last week that the US embassy will be moved to Jerusalem on May 14, 2018.

American consulate in Jerusalem prepares for transition Soon the consulate will officially become the embassy - and the preparations are already underway.

IDF Helped Foil Islamic State Terror Attack on Australian Flight The IDF's elite intelligence unit, 8200 announced on Wednesday that it helped Australia stymie a plot by the Islamic State to bomb an airliner.

Israel, US join hands to protect Jewish heritage in Europe Watch: Diaspora Affairs Ministry, US Heritage Commission work together to preserve sites, artifacts damaged during Nazi and communist rule.