Monday, July 03, 2017


MKS Expected to be allowed on Temple Mount this month "I call on all MKs to ascend the Mount and respect the place appropriately, leaving disputes and agendas behind," MK Yehudah Glick said.

Khamenei: "Palestine is number one issue of Islamic world," also calls for jihad in Bahrain, Kashmir, Yemen Bahrain and Yemen are Sunni/Shia jihads. Kashmir and Israel are jihads against Infidels.

Who Is the Bush carrier meant to deter? Not Iran The arrival of USS George H.W. Bush on Saturday, July 1, for the first visit a US aircraft carrier has paid to Israel in nearly tow decades is a happy event for the Jewish state.

Qatar is given a further 48 hours to meet Gulf demands Saudi Arabia and three other Arab states have given Qatar an extra two days to accept a list of demands or face further sanctions.

US Aircraft Carrier off Israel's Coast symbol of freedom, Netanyahu says Netanyahu visits floating US war machine leading fight against ISIS.

'Interesting things happening' on Mideast peace, Trump tweets "Spoke yesterday with the King of Saudi Arabia about peace in the Middle-East. Interesting things are happening!"

Settler Leaders get first invite to US Embassy July 4 Party This would never have happened a year ago, the Samaria Regional Council said.

A glimpse into one of the world's most powerful ships Arutz Sheva tours the US Navy aircraft carrier USS George H.W. Bush.

U.S. Military Preparing New Options for North Korea Pres. Donald Trump's administration is considering many options, including military, on their response if North Korea carries out another nuclear test according to National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster according to FOX News.

Tsar Vladimir and His 40 Daughters Will they? Won't they? These are the questions that are making the rounds in international political circles these days.