Tuesday, February 19, 2019


Palestinians say Israel 'Playing with Fire' by Closing Temple Mount Gate The Jerusalem Police detained five east Jerusalem Arabs who tried to enter the premises of the Golden Gate, which has been closed by a court order.

In 'push back' against Israel, Jordan adds Palestinians to Al-Aqsa Waqf council Jordan calls for Muslim unity amid Palestinian fears of normalization between Israel, Arab states.

Netanyahu to travel to Moscow to discuss Syria MONTHS AFTER fighter jet downed in region Benjamin Netanyahu will meet Vladimir Putin in Moscow to discuss the two countries' military in Syria just months after a Russian aircraft was downed in the hostile region when it targeted four Israeli F-16 fighter jets.

Netanyahu's main rival in Israeli election voices agreement with him on Iran Former general Benny Gantz, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's strongest challenger in an election scheduled for April, voiced support on Sunday for the right-wing leader's tough policy toward Iran.

Anti-Messianic Jewish Update The City of Tel Aviv says that it will prevent the infiltration of Messianic Jewish literature in municipal "street libraries."

The Unlikely Convergence of Russia, Iran, and Turkey Although the three-nation summit did not get much press in the West, its emergence is a signal, albeit a quiet one, that Eurasia's geopolitical landscape is undergoing major changes.

Iran Parliament Allows Gov't to Get $5 Billion Loan from Russia The Iranian parliament has extended a licence allowing the government to receive a total of $5 billion loan from Russia for infrastructure projects.

EU prepares new sanctions against Russia over Ukraine The European Union is preparing to impose new sanctions on Russia - accusing Moscow of supporting separatist rebels fighting in eastern Ukraine.

"We Will Displace You ...": Persecution of Christians, December 2018 Saudi Arabia, America's close friend and ally, failed to live up to its promise to eliminate extremist content -- that promotes hostility for, and violence against, religious minorities -- from its 2018-19 school year curriculum.

Scientists Baffled by New Phenomenon: Explosions of Light in Cloudless Skies A Russian satellite discovered strange explosions of light in the sky that have scientists say may be an entirely unprecedented phenomenon.