Wednesday, May 07, 2014


Top Netanyahu aide: Here's proof Abbas deliberately destroyed peace talks A letter reportedly sent by Israel's national security chief to the White House, the EU and numerous ambassadors blames the Palestinians for the collapse of peace talks.

US prepares for a deal with Iran - and for Israeli backlash American and Israeli officials have been off script all year on a wide range of issues.

Hamas Kills Palestinian Arabs for 'Collaborating' with Israel Authorities in Hamas-run Gaza on Thursday executed two Palestinian Arabs for allegedly collaborating with Israel.

Israel Furious Over American Charges of Espionage US intelligence officials say Israel has "crossed red lines" in its spying on America.

Poll finds two thirds of Israelis support freezing peace talks More than two thirds of Israeli Jews support the government's decision to suspend negotiations with the Palestinian Authority.

Palestinian forces bust terror cell looking to attack Jewish-Israelis A bust by Palestinian security forces of a four-man Kalkilya terror cell led to the arrest and indictments of the cell by Israel.

New Tyrannosaur named 'Pinocchio rex' A new type of Tyrannosaur with a very long nose has been nicknamed "Pinocchio rex".

Police Clash with Group Demanding Temple Mount Sovereignty Members of the 'Hozrim La'har' (Trans: 'Return to the Mount') activist group marched toward the Temple Mount Tuesday.

Ya'alon: There is no Palestinian partner, let's not delude ourselves The Palestinians are not a partner for peace, Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon told the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee.

EU and US draw new red line on Ukraine The EU and US have threatened further sanctions against Russia.