Saturday, December 19, 2020


 Iran Threatens 'Fiery Response' after U.S. Nuclear Bomber Flight Iran's air force is ready to deliver a "crushing and fiery response" to any violations of the country's air space after, a senior commander has said days after U.S. nuclear-capable B-52 bombers skirted the nation's territory to deter any aggression from Tehran.

Iran’s Rouhani Has No Doubt Joe Biden Will ‘Bow’ to Tehran, Lift Sanctions Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said Thursday he has “no doubt” a Joe Biden administration will rejoin the 2015 nuclear deal negotiated by Barack Obama and remove sanctions on Iran’s economy while embracing appeasement across the Middle East.

The teachings and practices of Islam that Biden doesn’t want you to know about During the recent presidential election campaign, Democratic nominee Joe Biden expressed his desire that Islam be taught in American schools so that students would learn about this “religion of peace.”

PA: All Israel is “our land Palestine”; All Israelis are settlers; Israel's demise is certain In two recent broadcasts, the PA reiterated its internal narrative that it tries to hide from the international community: All of Israel is Palestinian land - including Safed, Haifa, Acre, and Jaffa.

Could a pre-Christmas celestial union mark the return of the Star of Bethlehem? Timing of upcoming planetary conjunction prompts speculation of ties to biblical tale; but it’s likely the story was intended to convey theological rather than astronomical truths.

On 33rd anniversary, Hamas vows to free Palestine ‘from sea to river’ Hamas also vowed to confront normalization agreements between the Arab countries and Israel, dubbing them a “national sin that only serve the Zionist enterprise in the region.”

Netanyahu to Visit Egypt on Official Trip: A Cold Peace Warming Up? While in one direction – toward the Gulf – Israeli and Emirati and Bahrain businessmen are making deals, expanding trade, encouraging investments in each other’s countries, promoting tourism in both directions, now that the two Arab states have agreed to normalize ties with Israel – in the other direction, toward Egypt, with which Israel has had a “cold peace” since 1979, a major warming may at last be taking place.

Tlaib: Georgia runoff is gift from ‘Allah’ to show Muslim power Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.) told voters Sunday that Georgia’s Senate runoff elections are an opportunity given by Allah to demonstrate the power of Muslims.

Don’t Go to Church, Don’t Buy Christmas Presents: German Government’s Festive Covid Lockdown Germany will enter a harsh coronavirus lockdown this week, with Angela Merkel’s government warning residents to not go out for Christmas shopping, Christians to not attend church services, and pupils to stay away from school.

EU member states agree to set up first European Defence Fund The European Union has announced its 27 nations will set up the first ever fund to support the bloc’s defense research and development programs and enhance efficiency and innovation in the military sphere.