Tuesday, March 30, 2021


 Israel 'worried' about Iran-China deal, former intel chief says 'On the one hand, China opposes Iran having a nuclear bomb, but on the other, it's not helping to stop it'.

Iran General Salami Claims Invincibility: ‘Enemies Cannot even Dream of Victory’ Iran has such military strength and experience in dynamic modern warfare no enemy can even dream of beating it, Major General Hossein Salami, commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps, declared Tuesday.

Putin won’t allow US to lecture Russia from ‘a position of power,’ Kremlin insists after weeks of diplomatic spats with Biden If American diplomats want constructive talks with Russia, they will have to be prepared to treat their counterparts in Moscow as equals, the Kremlin has warned amid a series of increasingly combative exchanges with Washington.

Houthis expel nearly all remaining Yemenite Jews, only four seniors remain Iran-backed Houthi rebel group in Yemen has expelled most of the last remaining Yemenite Jews from Sanaa, the country’s largest city.

Insane: Syria Is Threatening to Undermine Israel with Tunnels A Syrian general claims that the Syrian Civil War has turned Syrian soldiers into “experts” at digging holes in the ground.

Combatting Antisemitism Benefits the Arab World Deep-rooted and persistent antisemitism is one of the central reasons for the Arab world’s lack of innovation and development relative to Israel and the Western world.

EU presidents to go to Turkey next week, spokesman says The presidents of the European Council and the European Commission will meet Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan in Turkey on April 6, an EU spokesman said on Monday, in the latest sign of improving ties.

Bahrain appoints first-ever ambassador to Israel A Bahraini team is expected to arrive in Israel in the coming weeks to set up an embassy in the Tel Aviv area.

What China's Communist Party Wants: Its New Five-Year Plan The Chinese Communist Party's overarching strategy for the next five to fifteen years, apparently, is to accelerate China's rise by becoming an innovation superpower, technologically independent of the West and dominating global tech.

Biden's Passover Message: No Mention Of God, Erases Jerusalem, Recommends Desecrating the Holiday In their holiday greetings, President Joe Biden and the First Lady praised the Passover holiday as a time to reflect on the adversity of the COVID pandemic and overcoming racism and prejudice.