Tuesday, September 24, 2013


* US 'Concerned' Over Al Shabaab Recruiters The Somali militant group with ties to al Qaeda has claimed responsibility for the three-day stand-off in Nairobi.

* Obama urges diplomatic push on Iran nuclear program US President Barack Obama has said recent moves by Iran should offer the basis for a "meaningful agreement" on its nuclear program.

* Benjamin Netanyahu warns of Iran 'honey' trap The Israeli prime minister will warn that Mr Rouhani's conciliatory tone conceals the same hostile intent voiced explicitly by the combative Mr Ahmadinejad.

* Obama at UN: 'End Occupation of West Bank' United States President Barack Obama lauded Israeli and Palestinian Authority leaders in a speech Tuesday at the United Nation.

* Repeat Performance: Jews Banned from the Temple Mount Hundreds of Jewish visitors to the Temple Mount this morning (Tuesday) were turned back upon their arrival.

* UN chemical weapons inspectors 'to return to Syria' Russia's government says UN chemical weapons inspectors are expected to return to Syria on Wednesday.

* EU sets stage for Iran-US breakthrough Warm words from top EU diplomats in New York have set the stage for a potential breakthrough in the decades-long confrontation between Iran and the US.

* Tens of thousands cram Jerusalem for Sukkot march The annual Jerusalem March took place on Tuesday afternoon.

* UN chief urges leaders to stop fueling Syria war Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon urged world leaders on Tuesday to stop fueling the bloodshed in Syria with weapons.

* Coalition chair: Netanyahu to lose power if he evacuates settlements Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu received a stern warning from the head of his coalition Yariv Levin.