Saturday, November 07, 2020


 UN speaks of Temple Mount as solely Muslim site, ignores Jewish ties “Unlike this chamber which is detached from reality, a growing number of nations are acknowledging Jerusalem," said Ambassador Gilad Erdan.

Netanyahu scolds EU, says bloc doesn’t understand changing nature of Middle East UAE, Bahrain, Sudan made peace with Israel and ‘obviously’ view regional situation differently from ‘traditional bureaucracies’ in Brussels, PM says at meeting with Romanian PM.

Israeli minister warns of war if Biden returns to Iran Deal “If Biden stays with that policy, there will, in the end, be a violent confrontation between Israel and Iran.”

Israel's intelligence chief wants next US president to continue Abraham Accords. Eli Cohen told Ynet TV that Saudi Arabia and Qatar are "on the agenda" for recognizing the Jewish state.

138 Nations in UN Pass 7 Anti-Israel Resolutions: Declare Temple Mount Exclusively Muslim On Wednesday, a United Nations General Assembly’s Fourth Committee passed seven resolutions condemning Israel without mentioning any transgressions by any other nation.

Iran Shows Off New Long-Range Missile System That Will 'Shake' Enemy When Fired Iran has shown off a new long-range missile system that, when launched, would cause the foes of the Islamic Republic to tremble, according to one of the country's most senior military officials.

The quadruple threat: North Korea, China, Pakistan and Iran North Korea renews cooperation with Iran on weapons development, with broader links to China and Pakistan. Op-ed.

Islamic scholar: ‘The Muslim caliph will lead the Muslim armies and they will crush Paris completely’ Could Ali Abu Ahmed be clearer about his adherence to the Islamic idea that violent jihad must be waged in order to force Infidels to submit to Sharia? 

Europe must strengthen its borders after attacks, says Macron Europe must rethink its open-border Schengen area, including a more robust protection of the zone’s external frontiers, President Emmanuel Macron said on Thursday, after a spate of Islamist attacks in France and Austria.

All of Israel is “Palestine” in Fatah message In a recent Facebook post, Abbas’ Fatah Movement made it clear what it means when it refers to ”Palestine” – it includes the entire State of Israel.

‘Palestinian’ officials confirm that Palestinian Authority is in direct contact with Biden campaign No surprise here. Trump is indeed “the worst American president ever when it comes to the Palestinians,” because he stopped enabling the “Palestinian” jihad, both by showering the Palestinian Authority and Gaza with money and by echoing “Palestinian” jihad rhetoric. 

Proxy Wars: How Turkey and Iran Employ Militias Abroad Iran and Turkey are using proxy militias to insert themselves in conflicts across the Middle East.