Saturday, March 02, 2019


One bribery charge out of three cases against Netanyahu In a dramatic televised speech on Thursday night, Feb. 28, Binyamin Netanyahu pledged to serve Israel as prime minister for years to come after the charges against him collapse “like a house of cards.”

Trump: 'We have a good shot at peace' between Israel, Palestinians US President Donald Trump said on Thursday that there is a "good chance" of peace between Israel and the Palestinians as his son-in-law and adviser, Jared Kushner, tours the Middle East to draw support for the peace plan.

Hamas official: We'll cleanse 'Palestine' of Zionists Watch: Fathi Hammad, a member of the Hamas Political Bureau, twice in recent weeks threatened Israel.

With four weeks to go, there's calm within the Brexit storm With Britain's split from the European Union scheduled for the end of the month, and their divorce deal still far from signed, London and Brussels were surprisingly calm Friday

What's behind the unrest at Al-Aqsa's Bab al-Rahma? Palestinians see any change in status quo a step towards partitioning holy site, building the Third Temple over Al-Aqsa.

Iran Condemns Britain for Listing Ally Hezbollah as 'Terrorist' Group Long the most powerful group in Lebanon, Hezbollah's influence has expanded at home and in the region.

Turkey's membership of EU ON BRINK after Italy says Turks will NEVER be Europeans TURKEY’S membership to the European Union has been robustly rejected by many Italian MPs - despite an official document from one of the country’s ministry opened to Ankara’s future in Brussels.

Erekat: It's two states or one state Senior PLO official claims that abandoning the two-state solution will lead to one-state solution and an apartheid regime.

Arab Nations Cozy Up To Assad, But Syria Remains a Tinderbox Inspired by the Arab Spring, Syrians rose up to demand an end to President Bashar Assad’s regime in 2011.

Aboard Russia's Propaganda Train Of 'Syrian War Trophies' When a trainload of tanks, guns, and other military hardware supposedly seized from the Syrian battlefields pulled up at Kursk railway station on a cloudy afternoon this week, a jubilant crowd was there to greet it.