Monday, September 25, 2017


Iraqi Kurds vote for independence. Barzani: Our borders lie where our tanks stop The 5.2 million eligible voters of the semiautonomous Kurdish Republic of Iraq avow their desire on Monday, Sept. 25 to establish the first independent Kurdish state in history.

Iran Defies Nuclear Deal With Latest Ballistic Missile Test Missile test amplifies calls for Trump to kill nuclear deal.

Don't mess with Israel: What happened after Rome destroyed Jerusalem Solomon's Temple in Jerusalem was destroyed by the Babylonians in 587 BC on the date in the Jewish calendar 9th of Av, or Tisha B'Av.

Palestinian 'Reconciliation': Jihad is Calling! Leaders of Hamas maintain that under no circumstances will they agree to lay down their weapons.

North Korea accuses US of declaring war North Korea's foreign minister has accused US President Donald Trump of declaring war on his country and said Pyongyang had the right to shoot down US bombers.

Iraqi Kurdistan votes in independence referendum People have voted in a landmark referendum on independence for the Kurdistan Region of Iraq - a move which has been criticised by foreign powers.

German election: Merkel vows to win back right-wing voters German Chancellor Angela Merkel has said she wants to win back the voters who deserted her party for right-wing nationalist AfD.

Erdogan threatens military action over Iraqi Kurdish referendum Turkish leader says his country could halt Iraqi Kurdistan's oil exports over independence vote, which he calls 'matter of survival'.

150 Years Since Mark Twain's Prophetic Israel Revelation in 'Innocents Abroad' On his landmark visit to Israel 150 years ago, American literary giant Mark Twain witnessed what he did not then know was the start of the prophetic return of the Jewish people to the land.

German Jewish Leader Brands AFD Success A 'True Nightmare' This is the first time the far-right will be represented in the German parliament in almost 60 years.